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EDI Meter Logs EMF Temperature Humidity Vibration Air Pressure Ghost Hunting

EDI Meter Logs EMF Temperature Humidity Vibration Air Pressure Ghost Hunting
EDI Meter Logs EMF Temperature Humidity Vibration Air Pressure Ghost Hunting
EDI Meter Logs EMF Temperature Humidity Vibration Air Pressure Ghost Hunting
EDI Meter Logs EMF Temperature Humidity Vibration Air Pressure Ghost Hunting
EDI Meter Logs EMF Temperature Humidity Vibration Air Pressure Ghost Hunting

EDI Meter Logs EMF Temperature Humidity Vibration Air Pressure Ghost Hunting
The worlds most advanced EDI Meter Data Logger for Ghost Hunters This measures and logs the EMF, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Air Pressure This is a 5 min 1 Environmental Detection Instrument and Graphing Data Logger. This EDI Meter is more than just an EMF meter. It's an all-in-one ghost hunting tool built for ghost hunting and paranormal investigators who want precision detection and data that can be thoroughly analyzed on a graph or spreadsheet log. The most feature packed ghost hunting device just got better. The new EDI+ has additional sensors, alerts, display control and data logging that you can view on a timeline graph.

Theories within the ghost hunting field suggest that ghosts may have the ability to manipulate our environment. That may include energy changes, temperature, motion, pressure and more. As such, it is important for paranormal investigators to detect those changes with precision and review the results with accuracy and context. This EDI Meter was created to ensure the integrity of that information and give investigators easy access to precise review of that data.

EMF meter with sound and dual readout. Data logger and graphing of ALL readings. Data Logging, Graphing and Marking Seeing a reading spike during an investigation is helpful. But what if you could see every sampling of all environmental readings on one timeline?

Now you can with the EDI+. This new features takes the readings of the EDI+ sensors and records them to an SD card which can be viewed later in a timeline graph or spreadsheet via an online app or downloadable Windows program.

Now you can analyze all of the sensor data on a timeline including EMF, temperature, vibration, pressure and humidity. Hit RECORD and go investigate With just one touch you can begin recording all of the environmental sensor data to an SD card. Just insert the SD card, hit record and go investigate. Flag your timeline for special review During your investigation you can tell the EDI+ to mark a certain point in the data for special review.

If something occurs during your investigation that you feel should be noted on the data, the EDI+ will flag the file for you to take note of later during review. Review results on your computer The EDI+ data logger stores all investigation information on an SD card. Download the free graphing application built just for the EDI+ which will graph the data over the investigation allowing you to analyze everything at any given time. Just insert the SD card into your computer via any SD card reader and load the data log into the application. It's simple to use.

The raw data can also be loaded in any data or spreadsheet application of your choice. Multi-Use Display The EDI+ utilizes a fast-response screen to display the exact readings from each sensor.

With just a touch of a button you can switch the display to any one sensor readout. This way you can get an exact and quick readout of the EMF, thermometer, pressure or humidity. EMF Meter with Sound The EDI+ utilizes a highly sensitive Electromagnetic Field Sensor detecting even small changes in the electromagnetic field around the device. The display shows you an exact reading of the EMF strength in addition to a traditional lighted scale. You will also hear when spikes occur with an audible tone indicating EMF spikes.

Theories within the ghost hunting field suggest that these spikes may signify activity or communication from spirits on the other side. Given that, the use of sensitive and reliable EMF detection during an investigation is important to document. The speaker can be turned on/off as you desire. Ambient Thermometer The EDI+ contains an ambient temperature sensor with a real-time digital display.

In addition to the digital readout there are LED light indicators that light to alert you to spikes or drops in temperature. Blue when the temperature drops and orange/red when it gets warmer.

The unit of measurement can be switched to display Fahrenheit or Celsius. Vibration Sensor The EDI contains a highly sensitive geophone for detecting vibration.

Even a small touch on the table will set off the indicator panel. This features is very helpful on cases with reported footsteps, knocking and moving objects. Like a graph, the device will light up the amount of LEDs based on the intensity of the vibration or movement. This can be toggled on/off if the device is being used in a hand-held fashion.

Air Pressure The EDI+ also detects changes in pressure. The readout will display the live readings. Humidity The EDI+ also detects humidity within the air around the unit. The EDI is built strong from the inside out.

With a hard shell case and protective, rugged rubber boot you can feel confident it will be well protected. Low frequency detection down to 10 hz. Accurate milligaus readings from 0-11mg. Indicator lights start dim response at approximately 1 milligauss and light sequentially at various strengths up to 11mg. Speaker responds at approximately 3 milligauss. 3 Axis Accelerometer with high pass filtered output to measures changes in acceleration in the +- 2G range.

Five indicator LEDs will set off in increasing intensity between 0.0244G - 0.122G. Accurate to +-1 C from 0-65 C with 0.1 C resolution. Alarms LEDs sensitive to +-0.1 F change in. All sensor data can be recorded to an SD card.

Once per second the Min/Max values of each sensor is calculated and saved to a log file on the SD card. Application Requirements: PC with Windows (Mac coming in the future).

CSV data is open-source and can be applied to any charting, database analysis or spreadsheet software of your choice. Accurate to +- 3 %RH in 20 - 80 %RH range with 0.1 %RH resolution. Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 3 %RH change in. Accurate to +-1.0 hPa in 300 - 1000 hPa range with 0.1 hPa resolution. Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 0.15 hPa change in.

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EDI Meter Logs EMF Temperature Humidity Vibration Air Pressure Ghost Hunting