Air Flow Meter

Air Flow Meter Fits 06-13 CORVETTE 7469

Air Flow Meter Fits 06-13 CORVETTE 7469

Air Flow Meter Fits 06-13 CORVETTE 7469

Air Flow Meter Fits 06-13 CORVETTE 7469. 236000 (0 = not available or unknown).

This part will fit these makes and models with these options. CAMARO 10-15 6.2L ENVOY 06-09 4.2L G5 09-10 (2.2L) CAMARO 14-15 7.0L IMPALA 09 ID 15865791 IMPALA 10-11 MALIBU 08 new style (emblem in bumper cover), 2.4L SAAB 9-5 10 VIN G (4th digit), 2.0L (VIN R, 8th digit, opt LHU) AURA 07 2.4L, Hybrid CORVETTE 08-13 ISUZU I-290 07-08 VUE 10 2.4L XTS 14-16 (3.6L), VIN 8 (8th digit, opt LF3), ID 15865791 ALLURE 10 2.4L REGAL 11-13 2.4L SPARK 13-15 ION 05-07 2.2L (opt L61) SRX 07-09 4.6L SOLSTICE 06-10 VUE 08-09 2.4L, ID 12576410 XTS 17-19 (3.6L), VIN 8 (8th digit, opt LF3), ID 15865791 ISUZU ASCENDER 06 4.2L EQUINOX 10-11 G5 07-08 2.2L XLR 06-09 4.4L CORVETTE 06-07 7.0L ENVOY XL 06 4.2L MALIBU 09-14 2.4L VERANO 13 2.4L COBALT 05-10 PURSUIT 06 2.2L SRX 10-11 3.0L COLORADO 07-12 G6 06-10 2.4L IMPALA 14 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 2.4L ION 06-07 2.4L (opt LE5) LACROSSE 10 3.0L STS 06-09 4.4L SAAB 9-5 11 2.0L (VIN R, 8th digit, opt LHU) SAAB 9-7X 07-09 6 cylinder SKY 07-10 ISUZU ASCENDER 08 (4.2L) CT6 16-18 3.0L, R. PURSUIT 06 2.4L ATS 16-18 3.6L, VIN Y (8th digit, opt LF4), ID 15865791 PURSUIT 05 (2.2L) REGAL 14 2.4L, VIN R (8th digit, opt LUK eAssist) TRAILBLAZER 06-09 4.2L ALLURE 10 3.0L AURA 08-09 2.4L HHR 06-11 IMPALA 15-16 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 3.6L, VIN N (8th digit, opt LFR) RAINIER 06-07 4.2L REGAL 15-16 2.4L, (VIN R, 8th digit, opt LUK eAssist) TRAILBLAZER EXT 06 4.2L CTS 14-15 3.6L, VIN 8 (8th digit, opt LF3) VUE 07 (2.4L) VUE 08-09 2.4L, ID 15865791 ISUZU I-370 07-08 LACROSSE 10-16 2.4L G5 07-08 2.4L TERRAIN 10-11 CANYON 07-12 HUMMER H3 07-10 STS 07-10 4.6L. To return an item please choose. Once you select that return reason a label will be issued.

Please note for certain engines or transmissions a core charge may apply. If we can not get back the core we would have the option to split the core cost. Engines are guaranteed against knocking and excessive smoking. Pre-Installation Requirements: Drain and replace engine oils to manufacture suggested levels. Replace oil, air and fuel filters.

Replace oil pan gasket and rear main seal. If needed replace timing gears, chains or belts & gaskets. Flush cooling system and re-fill.

Install new spark plugs & wires. Install new belts and hoses. Pre-Installation requirements: Replace all seals. Flush and inspect cooling lines. Allign and engage torque converter into front pump.

Fill trans with manufacture specified fluid. Clear all transmission computer codes prior to starting or operating vehicle. Adjust throttle position sensor cable.

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  • Genuine OEM: Yes
  • Interchange Part Number: 336-05258
  • Designation: Used
  • PartNumber: 336
  • Mileage: 236000
  • Model: PURSUIT
  • Make: PONTIAC
  • Year: 2005
  • Stock #: 091711
  • Brand: PONTIAC
  • Inventory ID: 7469
  • VIN #: 1G2AJ52F757526001
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 60 Day

Air Flow Meter Fits 06-13 CORVETTE 7469